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Effective Hotel Management Software to Improve Your Bed & Breakfast

Are you dissatisfied with the recordkeeping for your Bed and Breakfast? Small business owners from a wide variety of industries tend to be hard on themselves for missing data and skipped details. Eliminate the worry about what to record as soon as possible and which items have little, if any, impact if they’re not noted right away. B&B hotel management software is available to keep records and data organized and available when it is needed.

Making a list of how to achieve this goal requires time and thought to prepare, review and revise. The first thing to consider is the size of your business. Smaller B&Bs may want to focus on guest information such as visiting frequency and special requests. A generic, uncomplicated hotel management software program can be designed to address the individual requirements of each property. Larger properties typically look for additional options such as POS integrations and reservation management.

Any size B&B operation focuses on the guest’s personal experience. By nature, this type of business is small and thrives with loyal customers who return on a regular basis and enjoy referring friends and business associates to experience the hospitality and special ambiance of the room, food, and region. Things to look for in hospitality software include the following:

    • Affordable program(s) cost and maintenance fees.
    • Website booking engine.
    • Easy to learn system.
    • Automatically sends email confirming reservation.
    • Secure, easy-to-use cloud technology.

If a guest stops you in the garden area to see if a friend can book for the following day, impress them by pulling out your Smartphone and pulling the calendar from the cloud. Management software for hotels is easily adapted to the needs of a B&B enterprise. Quickly check availability and manage online/offline bookings from any location with Wi-Fi access.

Additional costs for multiple software upgrades are the result of choosing an inadequate PMS system. Ask your employees, CPA and professional organizations for a short list of what’s needed before looking at or settling on a program. The primary operator and at least one alternate should be familiar with its use. Ask about training, support, and maintenance of the system. Verify all programs work seamlessly with each other. There’s no bargain rate if you need to buy a compatible computer and constantly upgrade other programs.

The right hotel management software for your Bed & Breakfast distributes additional information so you can successfully manage day-to-day operations. The program builds a history that lets you identify:

  • Peak periods of travel.
  • Occupancy rate.
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR).
  • Daily food and beverage consumption, including special dietary requests for each guest.

When it’s time to order additional supplies such as pens, bottled water, and notepads for rooms and guests.

Hospitality programs include a variety of dazzling reports and records. Refer to your “most wanted or needed” list repeatedly to avoid being distracted from your goals. Set aside time for a demonstration to be sure it meets your needs and does not overpower the operating system. The reward is the additional time you’ll have to visit with guests and identify ways to personalize their next visit.